Founder & National Chairman



On behalf of NACHROI, I take a privilege to welcome e you to the NACHROI official home page.

The NACHROI were established with the sole object to bring social changes in the delay in Justice by m making a com m on platform for providing legal aid & advice and try to amicably com promise and settle the disputes under the ADR Mechanism, which help to minimize the load of adjudication on the overburdened judiciary.

NACHROI also help, dealing the uprootment of Crim e & Corruption by investigating and forcibly dem and of bribe by the Government officials. It’s also helps the role of silent and invisible contributor to the quieting of the law enforcement team in India.

NACHROI established a reputation for im partiality and competence to make aware the public about their rights & duties towards Nation. It also support to take up legal suggestion and awareness over Cyber Crim e such as Banking Fraud and conventional crime such as murder, kidnapping, terrorist crime, etc. Apart from this, it also helps the victim s of crime and injustice by providing the proper scientific investigation forensic reporting as well as work for protection & promotion of Human Rights.

Being an Indian citizen 'we the people' of NACHROI family recognize our responsibilities towards society and eagerly involve in brining reformation in the society which is still ill from social melodies. We exist in the society to encounter the various problem s and conflicts of the society which is pushing us back from the way of development. We are eager to provide you social security services; social education so that every citizen of the country can avail its basic fundamental rights and can fight against the hindrance which com es in the way of their success. NACHROI is an initiative towards the creation of a society free from crime, corruption and injustice.

In other words, NACHROI is an institution that strives to ensure well-being of all the citizens through ensuring access to welfare schemes to the needy and ensuring rights of all its citizens without any discrimination. I am proud to say that our mission is successfully running under the guidance of Good Legal Adviser, Honest Government & guided by form er State & Central Government Officials, Talented Journalist, Social Workers and all Citizen of India "who is known for his allegiance and devotion towards social responsibilities.

W e are most welcome to invite like – minded people to join NACHROI and share their valuable views, suggestions, guidelines and information on Anti Crime Act. I am thankful to all Anti Crime workers, various organizations and supporters around the world.

So, let’s come forward to join the hands with us, together we can make ourCountry Crime and Corruption free India